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Beetroot Academy is an authorized education provider in Sweden now

The authorization by Almega Utbildningsföretagen* guarantees quality and ethics in adult education. It provides security for those who are going to buy an education. This means that we meet the high requirements in order to obtain quality authorization as an educational institution.

To become a member of Almega Utbildningsföretagen, Beetroot Academy has been reviewed by a collective of experts and meets eight quality criteria: competence, educational solution, organizational structure, pedagogy, teachers' professionalism, methodology development, result follow-up, and systematic quality work.

The education industry provides many solutions, and Beetroot Academy always wants to offer high quality and accessibility for all who want to enter the IT sector. So now we are thrilled to announce that we got the credit of trust from Swedish experts. Tech education has never been higher on the agenda, and this authorization by Almega Utbildningsföretagen is vital for today's and future competitiveness”, says Anastasiia Klonova, growth and partnership manager in Sweden.

The authorization is a recognition and guarantee for our high educational standard. It also provides security for our students and strategic partners regarding our blended learning educational model. The authorization process has equipped Beetroot Academy with analysis tools that help us continue to work on the improvement of study programs that we provide for reskilling and upskilling globally.  

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*Utbildnings­företagen, the association of private education providers, is part of Almega, a grouping of seven service sector employer/trade federations, and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Svenskt Näringsliv.

Ioana Lupa
Country Manager Romania & Moldova