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16 helpful resources to upgrade your English

English is required to pass an interview with an international company, complete a training course, or get your a freelance job. It turns out that to work in IT, you need to know two types of languages ​​— programming language and language for communication. And there is great news — now you can learn English just by scrolling through your Instagram or watching movies. In this article, we offer a selection of resources that will help with learning English, and therefore, with career growth.

Where to start?

  • Check your current level of English. This will help determine what level you are at now and to understand what to strive for. This can be done through online resources, applications such as Duolingo, or international testing formats such as IELTS.
  • If you are looking for a job, find out what level of language your employer expects from you. For example, a Python Automation Developer or Junior Data Analyst position would require an Upper-intermediate level. Some companies don’t indicate the level of English in their requirements, some offer employees English courses at the company’s expense. Beetroot Academy also gives an opportunity to learn English for free, while studying one of the courses.

Resources to improve your English


Quizlet. The application allows you to create flashcards from words and learn them. You can also enter the topic that interests you and find the set of already created set of words, and also study it. Our advice is to create cards that are close to the IT topic, so you will learn the right words faster.

Context Reverso. The platform allows you to translate words and see their use in the context of sentences. Great for translating regular phrases and idioms.

English for IT
. YouTube channel with words and grammar that will come in
handy in the tech field. Here you can find a dictionary for those who work with software, tech abbreviations, useful phrases, grammar, and more.

Pay special attention to
Freerice — a quiz with synonymous words. The organization that created the site is working with the UN World Food Program and donates 10 grains of rice for each correct answer.

Podcasts, news, movies, books, and songs

BBC Learning English
. Offers interesting multimedia resources for students of any level of English. Here you can learn grammar, listen to podcasts, and replenish your vocabulary. We recommend that you download the application and watch 15-minute videos every day to replenish your vocabulary. We advise you to choose topics close to IT.

Breaking News English
. It’s a site with current news, divided into 7 levels — pick your level, read the news, and enrich your vocabulary.

Learn English with TV series
. This YouTube channel gives you the opportunity to improve your listening, replenish your vocabulary, and practice pronunciation based on your favorite movies, TV series, songs, and interviews.

. Improve your understanding of different accents with the help of songs, as well as replenish your vocabulary.

6 applications for learning English



Ling App



We will single out, perhaps, one of the most popular applications for learning languages ​​— Duolingo. The service will assess your level of English and offer short lessons, quizzes, and stories. The mascot of the application — an owl, will be next to you reminding of new lessons.

So, how about getting down to learning? Bookmark this list, choose a convenient learning format, and get ready to update your resume, because your English will soon advance.

Good luck!

Mariia Shnyrkova
Beetroot Academy blog author
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